[Last Update:DEC 12/98]

NOTE: This smaller image can be saved as-is (by right-clicking on the picure) and can then be printed in this format to fit directly onto a standard "letter size" page. But the image quality will be POOR. (If you want to use this image on a greeting card, do that and then reduce the image further using a photocopier with that capability. I tried to do up an even smaller .gif file for a "card size" image, but the picture quality was too poor to bother with!)

You are actually better advised to save the full-size (225K) image file (by right clicking on the picture when you bring it up onscreen) then work offline on your computer on how to get your sytem to "Fit to Page" for printing purposes.

Think of this as your opportunity to play with image files downloaded from the 'Net, to see what you can do with them!

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